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2009 overview

November 2009 overview

Saturday, 28-November-09

Fly Kuala Lumpur to Christmas Island
Date:Saturday, 28-November-09
Description:Fly Kuala Lumpur to Christmas Island
Goal:Red crabs march

BLOG entry
Date:Saturday, 28-November-09
Description:About Red crabs march and some general stuff.


"-I cant do it- never yet accomplished anything; -I will try- has performed wonders.."
George P. Burnham

Update April 2013
now available.

What is Caribbean island
life REALLY like?
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1.99 / $2.99
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Paradise Delayed
The pitfalls and pleasures
(mainly the pitfalls)
of Caribbean island life in
the beautiful archipelago of
Bocas del Toro, Panama.

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Island Inspiration:-
My step-daughter Maible,
aged 9, has spent the past
two winters here in Panama,
avoiding the bitter winter
cold of her Whitehorse
home in Canada.
She loves the place, and has
been inspired enough to
write an "Island Experiences"
book based on some of
our adventures down here.
I have been very proud to
help her publish it on Amazon.
Congratulations Maible.

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